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UGA students accused of making, selling fake IDs on campus

| Sep 24, 2012 | Underage Drinking |

It is one thing to be accused of having a fake ID in your wallet when police in Athens suspect a student of underage drinking. Although underage alcohol-related charges and charges of possessing a fake ID are serious legal matters, students typically will not experience major problems with university authorities for a first-offense or minor offense.

However, if a student is accused of operating a fake ID ring, the legal and social consequences could be very damaging. Students could face jail time, fines and a conviction. Students who are accused of manufacturing and selling fake IDs could also be suspended from school or denied campus housing or scholarships.

Three University of Georgia students were recently charged with serious criminal offenses that could jeopardize their current educational opportunities and future professional opportunities. After a lengthy investigation, the students have been charged with operating a fake ID ring on campus.

Two of the students are 20 years old and one student is 18. According to reports, a UGA student had informed law enforcement authorities in November 2011 that his roommate was making fake IDs for underage students. UGA police obtained a warrant to search the student’s dorm room. During the search, police allegedly discovered 10 fake IDs and equipment believed to have been used to make the fraudulent IDs. This prompted officials to obtain another warrant to search the student’s school email account. Police allegedly obtained more evidence suggesting the student was involved in making and selling fake IDs.

As a result of the investigation, three students have been criminally charged. Two students were charged earlier this month with distributing fake IDs and a third student was charged with manufacturing the fake IDs. All three students face felony charges for their alleged involvement in the fake ID ring.

Source: Athens Banner-Herald, “UGA students face felony charges following fake ID probe,” Joe Johnson, Sept. 12, 2012