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Actor on the ‘Walking Dead’ accused of driving drunk in Georgia

| Sep 6, 2012 | DUI First Offense |

The Associated Press recently reported that an actor on AMC’s The Walking Dead series was arrested last month in Georgia.

Police suspected that Scott Wilson had been driving drunk on Aug. 18 after authorities received a call from a concerned citizen who allegedly saw Wilson driving “erratically.” The actor has since been charged with DUI.

According to reports, police received a call that the actor had been driving his PT Cruiser recklessly in Peachtree City. When police spotted the PT Cruiser, they pulled the driver over and questioned the man about his driving. According to reports, the actor told police that he had been drinking alcohol prior to operating his vehicle.

Police asked Wilson to take several field sobriety tests. The actor instead offered to perform yoga poses. Perhaps the actor thought that his balancing skills during the yoga poses would be enough to prove to officers that he was not drunk and still capable of driving. Reports have not indicated whether the actor did agree to take the field sobriety tests or whether a breath test was administered. The 70-year-old actor was arrested after the traffic stop.

Even if this is the actor’s first DUI charge, he could face a lengthy driver’s license suspension. Reports did not mention any aggravating circumstances such as a car accident. If there were no aggravating circumstances, the actor may be able to avoid jail time if he is convicted of the DUI charge. In either case, Wilson and other drivers who face similar charges in Georgia may benefit from working with an attorney who is experienced with defending folks who have been accused of drunk driving.

Source: USA Today, “‘Walking Dead’ actor arrested on DUI in Georgia,” Maria Puente, Aug. 28, 2012