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UGA football player forced to sit two games following DUI charges

| Aug 6, 2012 | DUI First Offense |

Any Athens resident who is arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol will be forced to face several unpleasant consequences, even if the individual is never convicted of DUI.

Some drivers could automatically lose their licenses after a DUI arrest in Georgia. Many others feel embarrassed and could be at risk of permanently damaging their reputations with friends, family members and colleagues. College students could lose campus housing or the ability to participate in other school programs. And athletes could be forced to sit on the bench during several major events.

Last week, the Athens Banner-Herald reported that a football player for the University of Georgia will not be able to play during the team’s first two games of the season as a result of a DUI arrest from earlier this year.

According to reports, the 21-year-old student was arrested in May after a traffic stop. Police reported that the student had not been driving in a proper lane and was pulled over by a Georgia State Patrol trooper shortly after 2:30 a.m. in Atlanta. During the traffic stop, police asked the student to take a field sobriety test and a breath test. After administering the tests, the student was arrested.

Although the student has not been convicted of DUI, UGA’s head coach said that it is part of the school’s policy to suspend players for at least two games after a drunk driving arrest. The student is scheduled to appear in court later this month.

There are many social consequences folks could face in addition to the legal consequences of a drunk driving conviction. To minimize the immediate impact of a DUI arrest and to make sure that one’s rights remain properly protected when drunk driving charges have been filed, folks may want to consider working with an aggressive and experienced defense attorney.

Source: Athens Banner-Herald, “UGA LB Chase Vasser suspended two games after DUI arrest in Atlanta,” Marc Weiszer, August 2, 2012