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Calls about a naked Randy Travis on the road result in DUI arrest

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2012 | License Suspension |

Country music singer Randy Travis now has something else to sing about after he was arrested and charged with drunk driving last week.

Travis, 53, has had a successful career in country music. He has won six Grammy Awards and has even made appearances on television shows. However, given the circumstances of his arrest last week, he might not be as successful as he would like in the courtroom if he chooses to fight his DUI charges.

According to reports, the singer was found lying naked on the road on August 7. Troopers reported that the singer had crashed his vehicle into a construction site that evening. After Travis was arrested, he allegedly threatened to “shoot and kill” troopers. The threats prompted retaliation charges in addition to the DUI charge.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Travis was suspected of driving drunk and was asked by troopers to take a breath test. The singer refused the test. A blood sample was taken later after troopers took Travis to a hospital and received a warrant to take a blood sample. In addition to jail time for retaliation and DUI charges, Travis could also face a lengthy driver’s license suspension for refusing the breath test if he is convicted of driving drunk.

Drivers who are accused or suspected of DUI during a traffic stop may feel as if their rights are being violated. It is certainly normal for drivers to want to make sure that officers don’t overstep their boundaries. Although refusing a breath test can be a strategic move for drivers who are suspected of DUI, threatening an officer is never helpful. An effective way to protect one’s rights after a DUI arrest is to work with an aggressive and strategic defense attorney.

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