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UGA student with fake ID arrested after refusing to pay bar tab

| Jul 23, 2012 | Underage Drinking |

Last week, a student newspaper for the University of Georgia reported that one of the university’s students had been arrested at a local bar after police suspected that the student was drinking underage. Had the student only been charged with underage possession of alcohol, his arrest might not have caught the university’s attention. However, the student could have some big amends to make with school officials as a result of the circumstances of his arrest.

In addition to being charged with underage possession of alcohol, the student was charged with disorderly conduct, use of a fake ID and public intoxication. According to police, the student was caught trying to leave Cloud Bar last week without paying for two of the alcoholic beverages he had ordered. Police approached the student after they noticed that a bar employee was attempting to confront the student.

Police asked to see the student’s identification, and the student provided police with a Georgia driver’s license. Police verified the student’s name and date of birth on the license. After verifying this information, an officer then asked the student for his Social Security number. The officer also asked the student for his age after the student claimed that he could not remember his Social Security number. The student told the officer he was 21. However, his driver’s license showed that he was 23.

According to police, the man had used a fake ID at the bar and had shown the officer his fake driver’s license. An officer found the man’s real license in his wallet which revealed that the student was only 19 years old. The police report states that the student was intoxicated. When police placed the student under arrest, he allegedly started to scream and curse at those who had been watching the incident.

When students do get into trouble with the law, they may expect to face legal consequences. They might not realize that their opportunities at school or future career opportunities could be affected as well. To reduce or avoid some of these consequences, UGA students and other students in the Athens area may want to consider working with an attorney who will know how to protect their rights and effectively defend their cases after an arrest.

Source: The Red and Black, “UGA student charged with disorderly conduct, alcohol charges,” Erica Techo, July 21, 2012