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Dad from MTV’s ’16 & Pregnant’ arrested for DUI in Georgia

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2012 | DUI |

Over the Fourth of July holiday, a cast member who appeared on MTV’s reality show ’16 & Pregnant’ was arrested for DUI after Georgia police suspected that the 23-year-old man had been driving while under the influence of drugs. Reports have not indicated whether he had submitted or refused a drug test after his arrest.

In Georgia, police may ask a driver to take field sobriety tests when there is reason to suspect the driver of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. When a driver fails these tests, police may also ask the individual to take up to two breath tests to determine whether or not the individual has been drinking alcohol. But when police suspect a driver of driving under the influence of drugs, a driver will be asked to take a drug test instead.

Like breath tests, a driver can refuse to take a drug test, but this will result in a license suspension of up to 12 months if the individual is later convicted of DUI. Typically, drug tests must be conducted by medical professionals or other qualified individuals who are trained to properly administer and read results of urine samples or blood samples.

According to reports, police had reason to suspect that the cast member, Weston Gosa, from the reality show’s first season was either drunk or under the influence of drugs because the man had crashed his vehicle on the side of the road. While searching Gosa’s vehicle after the crash, police discovered prescription medications and a pipe. Police said that Gosa did not have a prescription for the drugs and that there was residue in the pipe.

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