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‘Lost’ actor in legal trouble after DUI arrest

| May 10, 2012 | License Suspension |

You may be familiar with him playing the doctor on the hit show “Lost,” who saved the lives of many and helped lead a group of survivors after a plane crashed on a mysterious island. But now actor Matthew Fox may need a little help of his own from a defense attorney — and his publicist — after he was arrested for DUI last week.

According to reports, Fox was driving with a passenger in his car when he was pulled over by police. TMZ reported that on May 4, police noticed a vehicle that had failed to maintain its lane and that the driver of the vehicle had also failed to use a turn signal.

After conducting the traffic stop shortly before 3:30 a.m., police in Oregon arrested Fox claiming that they believed that the actor was driving drunk.

Reports have not indicated whether Fox was asked to take a field sobriety test. Reports have also not indicated whether a breath test was issued. Police might have been prompted to arrest Fox if the actor refused to take a breath test.

In Georgia, drivers can automatically be arrested for DUI if they refuse to take a breath test when asked to do so by police. Additionally, refusing to take a breath test in Georgia could also result in the suspension of one’s license for an entire year.

Although refusing to take a breath test may carry harsh penalties, even if an individual is never convicted of DUI, refusing to take a breath test can be beneficial if police do not have sufficient evidence to support a DUI arrest or DUI charges.

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