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Underage UGA student arrested after running away from officer

| Apr 18, 2012 | Underage Drinking |

Athens-Clarke County police tried to approach a University of Georgia student who was walking near West Broad Street and Sycamore Drive on Saturday morning because police suspected that the student was drunk. When an officer asked the student to walk toward him, the student attempted to run away.

The student didn’t get very far and police didn’t need to try very hard to catch him. The officer noted that the student was having trouble balancing as he tried to get away, and instead it looked as if he was running in “slow motion” away from the officer. The 19-year-old UGA student was arrested and charged with underage possession of alcohol.

University students in the Athens area might know of a number of other students who have been charged with underage drinking. Although these charges may seem minor now, students could face serious consequences in the future if they are charged with any repeat alcohol-related offenses.

Some academic consequences for University of Georgia students accused of committing multiple alcohol-related offenses or underage offenses could include losing campus housing and scholarships. This could certainly have a significant impact on a student’s finances and could force a student to drop out of college or to go to college somewhere else.

Students might also be banned from participating in certain programs offered by the school that are meant to help open the doors to other academic or professional opportunities for students.

Underage drinking might not seem as serious as other alcohol-related charges such as DUI, but any arrest could come back to haunt students in the future if they do not make sure that their rights are properly protected after a first arrest.

Source: The Athens Red and Black, “University student runs away from officer in “slow motion,'” Josh Johnson, April 16, 2012