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NASCAR driver on probation after DUI arrest in Georgia

| Mar 26, 2012 | DUI |

Last month on our Athens, Georgia, DUI law blog, we discussed the arrest of John Wes Townley and the potential effects his drunk driving charge could have on his NASCAR racing career.

RAB Racing did suspend the 22-year-old from racing for the team after his DUI arrest. The team explained that the charges were a serious matter and that the team and NASCAR would discuss whether or not Townley would be able to continue to compete with RAB Racing in the Camping World Truck Series. Last week, it was reported that Townley will be allowed to compete with RAB Racing under several conditions outlined by the team and NASCAR.

Townley has since issued a public apology for his Feb. 7 DUI arrest near Athens. The man allegedly crashed his 2012 BMW into a pole. After crashing his vehicle, Townley allegedly got out of his car and knocked on of the door of a home near the crash scene to get help. He was arrested after police suspected that he was intoxicated.

Townley admitted that he “made a terrible mistake,” but being able to race with the team again will give him a chance to move forward. He will get to compete in his first race since last month’s DUI arrest this upcoming weekend. He is on probation until the end of the year. If any terms of his probation with the team and NASCAR are violated, he could jeopardize his racing career.

As part of his probation agreement with the team and with NASCAR, Townley will be required to complete a substance-abuse program. Townley’s agreement with NASCAR is completely separate from any legal consequences he may face if he is convicted of drunk driving.

Source: Sporting News, “John Wes Townley apologizes for DUI, set to return at Martinsville,” March 24, 2012.