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DUI arrest puts driver’s NASCAR racing career on hold

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2012 | DUI |

Convictions of minor alcohol-related offenses committed by University of Georgia students could certainly come back to haunt them in the future if they are ever convicted of other criminal charges during their college years. But when a professional is charged with a criminal offense like drunk driving, his or her entire career could be put on the line.

In these types of cases, fighting DUI charges may be especially beneficial. No one wants a criminal record, but professionals certainly don’t want to lose their careers over a charge that could possibly be dropped under certain circumstances.

Last week, NASCAR team RAB Racing announced that it was suspending John Wes Townley from the team after the driver was arrested in Georgia for allegedly driving drunk. Prior to last week’s arrest, the 22-year-old was expected to make a comeback during this year’s Camping World Truck Series.

According to reports, Townley was arrested by Georgia police for drunk driving after a resident reported that the man had crashed his car into a pole. FOX News reported that after Townley crashed his BMW in Oconee County, the man then got out of his vehicle and knocked on the door of a nearby home. When a deputy responded to a citizen’s call, the deputy noted that Townley appeared disoriented and was bleeding from the accident. The deputy arrested Townley after he suspected that the man was intoxicated.

After learning of Townley’s arrest, the team’s owner said that the arrest for the alleged drunk driving accident is a serious matter and appropriate actions must be taken by Townley before the team will be able to allow him to race. If the driver is convicted of DUI, he might not be able to race for the team in the future.

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