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Alleged fake ID ring investigated by University of Georgia police

| Jan 11, 2012 | Underage DUI |

Every year, college students across the U.S. don’t seem to have any problems finding someone they can purchase a fake ID from so that they can get into the bars with their peers from the football team or to buy alcohol for a party. However, selling fraudulent identifications in Georgia is a serious offense and being caught in possession of a fake license during a checkpoint stop or at the bar could result in criminal charges.

According to reports, police are investigating a possible fake ID ring in the area after University of Georgia police were alerted over the summer about fake licenses that were being sold to students. The investigation began in August and so far one person has been arrested. Four students from UGA and Gainesville State College are also under investigation for allegedly making and distributing fake licenses to hundreds of students.

A UGA student was arrested on Sept. 22 and was charged with possessing and distributing fraudulent documents after a housing resident assistant told campus police about the alleged illegal activity.

Campus police investigated the complaint and the UGA student admitted to distributing at least 30 fake IDs for a GSC student who was in charge of making the fraudulent IDs. Police arrested the woman in order to prevent her from discussing the information with others. Police then investigated the other student and searched his home. According to police, laptops, printers, iPhones, and magnetic strip ID cards were confiscated at the student’s residence. Police also believe that the GSC student’s roommate is involved in the alleged fake ID ring as well.

Police believe that the investigation will be complete sometime during the spring semester. They said that they believe that they will be making several arrests that could involve individuals from other institutions and geographic locations. UGA police gave students the option to turn in their fake IDs during the fall semester in order to avoid criminal charges. It is estimated that as many as 300 IDs were turned in at that time.

Source: The Red and Black, “University police uncover fake id network,” Wil Petty, Jan. 8, 2012