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Georgia State Troopers add extra enforcement on roads this holiday

| Nov 22, 2011 | DUI |

If you don’t work in retail, chances are you are getting ready to windup your school week or work week so that you can enjoy a long, relaxing weekend with family and friends. Thanksgiving certainly reminds many Georgia students and residents of the good company family and friends may offer, but troopers are also reminding residents this holiday season of the dangers of drinking and driving.

Since last week, Georgia State Troopers have been participating in this year’s national “Operation Click It or Ticket” campaign to improve the safety of all who are traveling on our state’s roads and highways this holiday. Although the main focus of the campaign is to enforce the use of safety belts and child restraints for all drivers and passengers, in years past, the campaign has also resulted in the arrests of many individuals who were suspected of drunk driving.

The Operation Click It or Ticket campaign has been in effect since Nov. 14 and will run through Nov. 27. Nationwide, law enforcement officers are cracking down on violators in order to increase awareness of the importance of wearing seatbelts and child restraints. “An unrestrained driver and unrestrained passengers are more likely to be seriously injured or killed when a traffic crash occurs,” said the Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Public Safety.

But with troopers making extra stops when noticing individuals and passengers who are violating seatbelt and child restraint laws, troopers may also discover additional violations. A trooper may detect the smell of alcohol or other signs that a driver may be impaired and may request that the driver take a field sobriety test or breath test. In addition to getting a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt, a driver could be arrested and charged with DUI.

In order to stay safe on our roads, students and residents who are out celebrating this Thanksgiving weekend should make arrangements ahead of time to have a sober driver if they need to travel. As always, drivers and passengers should also wear their seat belts while on the road in order to avoid a fine.

Source: The Thomaston Times, “Georgia State Patrol taking part in Click It or Ticket Campaign,” Nov. 20, 2011