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Dozens jailed on alcohol charges after Bulldogs win, 10 face DUIs

| Nov 15, 2011 | DUI |

A festive autumn afternoon at the University of Georgia’s Sanford Stadium was followed by an evening in jail for more than 40 college football fans Saturday.

According to Clarke County Jail records, four dozen people were arrested by Athens-Clarke County and University of Georgia police in the rowdy aftermath of the Bulldog victory over longtime SEC rival, Auburn. All face some sort of alcohol-related charge. The Athens-Banner Herald reported that 10 people were charged with DUI and 20 youths were booked into jail for allegedly drinking underage.

As noted in our Athens, Georgia, DUI law blog last week, students who are convicted of DUI or underage DUI should prepare to face a great number of challenges. These include being expelled from campus housing, losing scholarship funding and even struggling with compromised career opportunities.

Students and non-students alike may face additional legal consequences such as a suspended licenses or even jail time. These consequences vary and depend on the severity of the charges as well as the driving background of the person being accused of drunk driving, among several other factors.

The individuals involved in last weekend’s arrests each have unique circumstances. For example, one man was arrested after a bouncer evicted him from a local bar. Police arrested one young person because the teen was engaged in boisterous activities. And a student at the University of Georgia was arrested after police became involved in a cab fare dispute. Each of these individuals faces different charges and therefore different consequences.

Source: Athens-Banner Herald, “Dozens wind up in jail on alcohol charges after Bulldog win,” Allison Floyd, Nov. 14, 2011