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College football coach charged with DUI faces numerous penalties

| Nov 30, 2011 | DUI First Offense |

Last month, our Athens, Georgia, DUI law blog discussed the legal and social consequences a linebacker for the University of Georgia faced after he was arrested for driving under the influence. Now a college football coach is in a heap of trouble that could cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines after he was arrested and charged with DUI earlier this month.

Driving while under the influence is certainly a violation of state law, but students, athletes and professionals can also face a variety of other consequences when they are charged with DUI. For example, the UGA linebacker was suspended from playing in two football games and other students have faced losing scholarships or campus housing after being arrested for drunk driving.

This month, the football coach for the Missouri Tigers discovered that his arrest for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol could cost him more than $306,500 in fines.

Gary Pinkel was stopped by police earlier this month after the coach allegedly violated a couple of traffic laws. Police suspected the 59-year-old of drunk driving and arrested the man. He was charged with his first DUI offense. The coach has since apologized for the incident saying, “I am very disappointed in myself for my lack of judgment in the instance.”

In addition to facing serious legal consequences for the offense, the coach was immediately suspended from his job for one week without pay. Missouri’s athletic director also announced the following penalties Pinkel will face:

  • One year-salary freeze
  • 50 hours of community service
  • Written letter of apology to the public
  • One week’s salary donated to a campus wellness program
  • Forfeiture of potential bonuses and other incentives

It is estimated that these penalties issued by Missouri will cost the coach $306,538.

Source: The Seattle Times, “Missouri coach Pinkel suspended after DUI arrest,” Nov. 17, 2011