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UGA student allegedly fails field sobriety tests, charged with DUI

| Oct 13, 2011 | DUI |

Another University of Georgia student was arrested this week after a police officer suspected the 30-year-old woman of driving under the influence. The woman was taken to the Clarke County Jail Wednesday morning after the officer administered several field sobriety tests.

According to reports, a University Police officer was driving on Carlton Street when he noticed that the car in front of him had run a red light. In addition to failing to stop for the red light at the intersection of Carlton Street and Agriculture Drive, the officer said that he also saw the vehicle cross over into the opposite traffic lane.

The officer pulled the vehicle over and asked the driver for her license. The officer noted that the woman had slowly reached for her driver’s license and that he could detect the odor of alcohol coming from the woman.

The woman was asked to take several field sobriety tests after she told the officer that she had three beers at Cutters Pub prior to driving. According to the officer, the woman appeared “unstable” as she tried to balance herself after getting out of the car to take the tests.

The woman has been charged with DUI, failure to obey traffic control device and failure to maintain lane.

Although one may assume that a failed field sobriety test is enough evidence to provoke a DUI conviction, police officers do not always administer the tests correctly. For this reason, individuals often choose to work with an experienced DUI defense attorney in order to investigate whether or not the arresting officer administered the tests correctly and if the officer had violated his or her department’s policies when making the arrest.

Source: The Red and Black, “Crime Notebook: Student charged with DUI,” Adina Solomon, Oct. 12, 2011