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“Jackass” star dies in car accident, not known yet if alcohol a factor

| Jun 22, 2011 | DUI |

Ryan Dunn, one of the stars of MTV’s “Jackass” shows and movies was killed in a car crash on Monday. Dunn, 34, and his 30-year-old passenger were both killed in the crash. It is not known whether Dunn was driving under the influence of alcohol, but he was drinking at a bar earlier in the evening and tweeted a photo of himself drinking with his friends. It is not known whether Dunn was intoxicated at the time of the crash. It will take a couple of weeks at least for toxicology reports to answer that question. Dunn was arrested once a few years ago for DUI, but the charges were eventually dropped.

A manager of the bar was interviewed by The Inquirer for an article about the crash and Dunn, and he told them that Dunn was not one to drink too much and had not appeared intoxicated to him. He said that Dunn was not the crazy guy that you saw in the shows.

Investigators believe that the high speed at which Dunn was traveling was a factor in the crash. Investigators estimate so far that the car was going more than 100 mph when the crash occurred around 3 a.m. Dunn’s car crashed through a guardrail and flipped over a wooded ravine. The car crashed into a tree and caught fire. It was a violent crash and the men received blunt force trauma. It is not known whether that killed them or the fire, but Dunn could only be identified by his tattoos and beard.


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