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Suspension of driver’s license out of state could follow you home

| Mar 25, 2011 | License Suspension |

When you are pulled over by law enforcement and ticketed for a traffic violation or arrested for driving under the influence, if you are far from home you might wonder how the violation will impact your driving record in your home state. A recent article in Fox Business discusses how different violations in different states across the country can impact your insurance rates, driving record, and validity of your driver’s license.

Most states are members of the Driver License Compact (DLC), which means that the states agreed to share information on a driver’s traffic violation convictions with other states. This includes sharing information on a driver’s license suspension and encouraging other states to also suspend a driver’s license if it is suspended in one state.

Georgia is not a member of the DLC; however, members of the DMV in Georgia told Fox Business that they generally hear about Georgia drivers’ traffic violations in other states and will also report driver violations in Georgia to the drivers’ home states.

States that are members of the Non-Resident Violator Compact and Driver License Agreement will suspend a person’s driver’s license if they refuse to pay their traffic violation fines in other states.

If a person is convicted of DUI, their home state will definitely hear about it. For example, if a college student is arrested for underage DUI and their driver’s license is suspended while they are on spring break in Florida, their home state will likely hear about it. Likewise, if a person is arrested for DUI while driving home through Georgia from spring break, a conviction on the charges will follow that person home.


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