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Costs of DUI arrest, conviction can include career: Part 2

| Jan 29, 2011 | DUI |

The previous post began to discuss how DUI charges can cost an arrested person their career. As noted in other posts, careers can be in jeopardy if an arrested person is a coach, teacher or in medical or other service professions. A DUI arrest can lead to the suspension of the charged person’s driver’s license if the suspension is not successfully challenged. For this reason, anyone who has to drive to work will have to struggle to keep their job. A person’s career can be in particular jeopardy if they drive for a living and are arrested for driving under the influence.

The previous post noted two stories in the news this week where people lost their jobs because of DUI arrests. The previous post discussed the sentencing of a former bus driver who pleaded guilty to driving a school bus while intoxicated. School bus drivers in her state of Illinois have zero tolerance for driving while intoxicated. (In Georgia, the legal blood-alcohol concentration limit for school bus drivers and commercial drivers is 0.04 percent).

Another story in the news last week involved a man who operates a submarine for a living and who lost his job for driving a car while intoxicated.

The man was the top enlisted sailor on a navy nuclear submarine based in Pearl Harbor. He was fired from his position as chief of the boat after being arrested for DUI in Honolulu. According to The Washington Post, the Pacific Fleet Submarine Force said that the top officer of the submarine was no longer confident that the 32-year-old sailor could serve the submarine and lead 150 enlisted sailors effectively.


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