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Costs of DUI arrest, conviction can include career: Part 1

| Jan 28, 2011 | DUI |

Two stories in the news on Thursday demonstrate the high costs DUI charges can bring, including costing an arrested person a job or career. As noted in a previous post, a person’s career can be jeopardized if they work with the public, practice medicine or teach or coach.

Jobs and careers can be in particular danger if a person drives for a living and is arrested for DUI. The two stories in the news involved two different people who lost their jobs; one a school bus driver who drove the bus while intoxicated, and another a top sailor who was arrested for driving a car while intoxicated.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the 55-year-old former bus driver pleaded guilty to driving the school bus while intoxicated; she was bringing children home from school at the time. She was sentenced Wednesday in suburban Chicago to 30 months of probation. She must also pay a $1,720 fine and perform 480 hours of community service and undergo an alcohol treatment program. The bus driver’s blood-alcohol concentration was 0.226 percent.

The state of Illinois, like Georgia, has a 0.08 legal limit for drivers, but there is a zero-tolerance policy for school bus drivers in Illinois. In Georgia, school bus drivers, like commercial drivers, are considered legally drunk if they have a blood-alcohol concentration of .04 percent or greater.

The next post will look at the case of the Navy sailor.


Suburban Chicago woman gets 30 months of probation for school bus DUI (Los Angeles Times)