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Georgia Man Arrested for DUI After Causing Car Accident

| Dec 23, 2010 | DUI First Offense |

A Calhoun, Georgia man was arrested this past Monday evening and charged with misdemeanor DUI and felony possession of prescription drugs, amongst other charges.

Flyod County Jail records indicate Police suspected the driver was under the influence after arriving on the scene of a car accident that had been caused by the man following another car too closely. The man’s breath smelled distinctly of alcohol when officers questioned him at the scene of the accident, which led them to search him and his vehicle. Police recovered two hydrocodone tablets outside of their original containers.

Hydrocodone is a very common recreational prescription drug primarily due to widespread availability and list of euphoric side-effects that reads like any standard opiate rap sheet. Effects of the drug are enhanced by alcohol consumption, though this poses serious risk to the liver. Like any pleasure-inducing drug, long-term use often leads to physical dependency.

As we’ve discussed previously on our blog, Georgia state troopers are joining with other departments nationwide over the holidays to step up DUI enforcement efforts. Operation Zero Tolerance is already in full swing with increased patrols, road checks and sobriety checkpoints to last through the New Year. State troopers will work with Motor Carrier Compliance Division officers to cover state highways as well as interstates. The safest way to enjoy the holidays is to appoint a designated driver to make sure everyone gets home safely.

The Calhoun man was still being held in Floyd County as of Tuesday evening.


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