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David Cassidy Pleads Not Guilty to DUI Charges

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2010 | DUI |

Around the same time Grammy-winning singer Faith Evans was pleading no contest to misdemeanor DUI charges, singer and former teen idol David Cassidy was pleading not guilty to DUI charges. Cassidy, 60, pleaded not guilty on Monday. He was arrested and charged with DUI last month.

The former “Partridge Family” star has an interesting DUI defense. He claims that his “wandering eye,” a condition he has had since a young child, caused him to drive erratically. According to an eye doctor interviewed by FOX news (who has not treated Cassidy), this defense is not likely to hold up in court. The doctor said that if the problem was debilitating, Cassidy would not have a license. He also said that even if the eye was wandering, it wouldn’t cause him to lose his motor skills.

The doctor said that if Cassidy had a sudden eye problem, such as double vision, it would be difficult to prove. He would have to submit to a vision test under the same conditions that he was experiencing while driving, which was tiredness and on certain medications.

Cassidy also has an obstacle in front of him proving that his failed sobriety tests and breathalyzer tests of 0.130 and 0.141 were in error or were caused by health issues. Cassidy told the arresting officers that he had had a glass of wine at lunch and had taken hydrocodone. The arresting officer also found a half-empty bottle of bourbon in Cassidy’s car.


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