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Man on Motorized Wheelchair Arrested for DUI

| Nov 15, 2010 | DUI |

This blog has covered DUI arrests of people driving cars and boats or riding bikes, but, according to The Moultrie Observer, a person can even be arrested for driving while intoxicated if they are operating a motorized wheelchair after having a few too many drinks. A person cannot be arrested for walking while intoxicated, so the last one does seem a little unfair.

The newspaper reports that Moultrie police received a complaint that a man was asking for money outside Murphy’s Express on South Veterans Parkway one night earlier this month at around 9:30 p.m. The man had already left once the police officer arrived, but an employee pointed him in the direction of Wal-Mart and said that was where the man was heading.

The police officer caught up with the man outside of the Huddle House. It was after dark and the policeman noticed that he was driving his motorized wheelchair without a light. It is illegal under Georgia law to drive after sunset without a light.

The officer spoke with the man and wrote in his report that he smelled alcohol on his breath. The man, 49, admitted that he had had a couple of beers and he was arrested. The man was taken to Colquitt County Jail.


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