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Cocktails Mixing Caffeine and Alcohol May Lead More Easily to DUIs

| Nov 23, 2010 | Underage DUI

As discussed in the previous post, alcohol and caffeine can be a dangerous combination. According to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times, the stimulant of caffeine and the depressant of alcohol do not cancel each other out. Instead, caffeine can mask the feeling of drunkenness, making a person drink more and more quickly than they would otherwise drink.

Caffeine can also make a person feel more alert, which can lead them to believe they are sober enough to drive, even when they are over the legal limit.

According to the Times, the combination of alcohol and caffeine is considered too dangerous to even study on humans in scientific studies. The Times points to a study that examined the effects of the combination of alcohol and caffeine on college-aged people who voluntarily drank mixed cocktails in bars, such as vodka and Red Bull.

The researchers found that the people who drank cocktails with caffeine in them had a higher blood-alcohol level when they left the bar than those who just drank alcohol. They also expressed four times more often that they intended to drive home. The study demonstrated that the combination of alcohol and caffeine could lead to underage DUIs.


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