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UGA’s Former Athletic Director Finds Work, Faces DUI Charge Monday

| Oct 1, 2010 | DUI First Offense |

From Athletic Director to Marketer, Damon Evans’ DUI arrest last July has prompted the University of Georgia employee to seek a fresh start in a different career. On the cusp of Evans’ impending court appearance this Monday to face his DUI charge, information has been released reporting Evans had taken up work in Boston with a local marketing firm.

The Markley Group hired Evans back in August after he resigned his position as Athletic Director at the University of Georgia amidst a flurry of media attention and controversy around his July 1st drunk driving arrest in Atlanta this past summer. Evans’ passenger in the car at the time of the arrest was a woman not his wife. He received $237,500 in severance pay after resigning on July 4th. CEO of the Markley Group, Jeff Markley is a UGA grad and active donor to the University. Evans’ father speculated to reports that his son has known Markley for many years, and that his son has moved his wife and children to the Boston area as well. Mrs. Evans has extended family near Boston.

The Markley Group’s website boasts it runs the biggest data center and telecom facility in New England. Damon Evans is working somewhere in their marketing department, but specific information on his job title or duties has not been divulged.

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution “Damon Evans takes marketing job in Boston” 9/30/10