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T.I.: Facing Prison, Helps Prevent a Suicide in Atlanta

| Oct 14, 2010 | DUI |

After a September arrest for drug possession, rapper T.I. is facing a possible return to prison. On Friday, he is scheduled to appear before a federal district judge in Atlanta. Meanwhile, on Wednesday, T.I. heard on the radio that a man was threatening to commit suicide and went immediately to the Midtown building and helped police talk the man out of jumping. T.I. says that he has no expectations for his time before the judge to be affected by the immense good deed he carried out on Wednesday.

T.I. was on probation after being released from prison earlier this year after serving a year sentence for federal weapons violations. In September, T.I. and his wife were pulled over by law enforcement in Los Angeles after making an illegal U-turn. T.I. and his wife were found to be driving with several pills of ecstasy on them.

T.I.’s arrest while on probation could send him back to prison. T.I. told V-103 radio personality Ryan Cameron that he did not have any ulterior motives for his good deed. He said he did not take credit for the man’s change of heart either, but that God put him in a position to help so he did just that.

A police officer at the building’s ground level recorded a message from T.I. on his cell phone, which was then shown to the 24-year-old man on the roof by a negotiator. The man then stepped away from the ledge. T.I. and the man spoke for a few minutes before the man was taken to the hospital. T.I. said that he told the man that no matter what he is going through “it gets better.”


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