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DUI Scooter Creates Transportation Option After Suspended License

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2010 | License Suspension |

Often after receiving a drivers’ license suspension in connection with a drunk driving arrest, a person can understandably become frustrated with the legal system. How are you supposed to pay fines associated with your DUI if you’re not allowed to drive yourself to work? Many people with drunk driving convictions are normal, upstanding citizens with good jobs who just happened to screw up and drink too much without a designated driver one evening.

One businessman to the south of us here in Georgia has taken the opportunity to serve this market of individuals. Doug Vitello began working with a Chinese manufacturing company recently to develop the “DUI Scooter” in response to customers of his Tampa Bay scooter shop requesting a method of powered transportation that didn’t require a license yet was street-legal. Vitello’s creation is not far off from a moped. The electric scooter can reach speeds upwards of 20 miles per hour and can run for dozens of miles in between charges. The DUI Scooter has pedals so it can be powered manually if necessary. Vitello charges between $1,500 and $2,000 for the machine, which is completely street-legal without a license. Perfect for those whose license has been suspended after receiving a DUI.

Based on its top velocity, the DUI Scooter falls under Florida and federal rules that effectively exempt “low speed electric bikes” from standard licensure requirements. Vitello had sold these scooters throughout the state before Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) caught wind and declared public concern that the DUI scooter seemed to be marketed as a loophole or a method of easing DUI penalties. Vitello’s response is that his scooters do not encourage drunk driving. They only fulfill needs of those with suspended licenses.

The DUI scooter can be purchased here at Vitello’s website.

Source: Miami New Times “Lost Your License Driving Drunk? Florida Store Has A ‘DUI Scooter’ For You” 9/30/10