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Damon Evans’ DUI Case Postponed Until December

| Oct 22, 2010 | DUI |

Former University of Georgia Athletic Director Damon Evans’ DUI case was scheduled to go before a judge this month, but it has been postponed until the first week of December. Judge Calvin S. Graves rescheduled the case for December 7 at 3 p.m.

The former UGA employee was arrested for driving under the influence on June 30 after being pulled over for driving erratically. He was arrested only five minutes before a new contract with UGA worth over $500,000 was to begin. Evans was also found to be driving with a female passenger who was not his wife. Amid the controversy, Evans was forced to resign a few days later as UGA’s athletic director.

Evans apologized to the UGA community for the arrest and has since moved on with his life. As reported in an earlier post, Evans now works for a Boston marketing firm. It was reported by Athens Banner-Herald that the company’s CEO is an alumnus of UGA and a donor to the school. Evans’ father said that Evans has known the CEO for a number of years. Evans’ father also reported that the family is together and doing well in their new home in a suburb of Boston.


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