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Former Georgia Resident Still Haunted by One-Time DUI Arrest

| Sep 10, 2010 | License Suspension |

A recent story reported in the news involving a former Georgia resident shows how a DUI or driver’s license suspension can follow you if not correctly handled. A woman in California recently had her car sold by the DMV after the DMV seems to have mistakenly believed that the woman’s driver’s license was still suspended from a Georgia DUI arrest in 2003.  

The DMV is reportedly now looking again into what it calls a “complex case,” but the woman has already lost her car. The woman told a reporter that she was arrested for DUI in 2003 in Georgia and had her Georgia driver’s license suspended for two weeks.

She took care of the charges against her by attending a weekend of traffic classes and paying a large fine. The Georgia DMV officially says that her license was reinstated in 2003 after she fulfilled her penalties and had her charges set aside.

The woman moved to California in 2008 and got a driver’s license in that state. Even though she has shown her Georgia DMV records to California officials, there continues to be mix-ups and inconsistencies among different state agencies. These mix-ups led the woman’s car to be towed and impounded after she was pulled over in California in May for a seatbelt violation. 

The woman could not effectively prove the mix-up or afford to get her car out of the impound lot before it was auctioned and now must walk and ride buses everywhere. She has now filed a complaint with the DMV of her new state and hopes to be compensated for her lost car.


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