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Expect DUI Checkpoints Over Labor Day Weekend

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2010 | DUI |

Law enforcement officials are promising to be a heavy presence on roadways and waterways this Labor Day weekend. Spencer Moore, deputy director of the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, said that law enforcement across Georgia and North Carolina are banding together again for the 19th annual Hands Across the Border checkpoint.

About 130 officers, deputies and troopers from agencies all over the states blocked U.S. 17 at the foot of the Talmadge Bridge on Thursday night and will be there through the weekend. The law enforcement officers will be checking for impaired drivers, insurance and driver’s licenses, and whether all children in the vehicle are properly restrained. Officers will be on the lookout for DUI, aggressive driving, texting-while-driving and speeding.

As stated in the previous post, Operation Zero Tolerance is in effect, which means that anyone caught for drunk driving will be arrested, even first-time offenders. The Batmobile, a mobile DUI testing and booking station, will also probably be cruising around Georgia.

Law enforcement officers in Georgia say they will also be patrolling the state’s waterways and checking for boaters who are boating under the influence. Besides impaired boaters, law enforcement and rangers will be warning boaters and kayakers of unsafe conditions in the water and will be warning people that it is the law to wear a life jacket.


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