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UGA Athletics in Flux after Evans’ DUI Arrest, Resignation

| Aug 11, 2010 | DUI |

As the summer winds to a close, UGA students are preparing to go back to school and they are reflecting on the summer’s events. The student newspaper, redandblack.com, reflects on a community that is scrambling to find a new athletic director after the resignation of former director Damon Evans following a DUI arrest in Atlanta on June 30.

The recent article outlines the night’s events and the aftermath, both reflecting on Evans’ contributions to the athletic department at UGA as well as the drunk driving arrest that he called a “serious mistake in judgment” that ultimately cost his job when he was forced to resign. The students report that Evans apologized more than once to the UGA community and said that he will now be doing some soul-searching following his arrest in order to get back to being a role model for student athletes.

As reported in an earlier post, Evans received e-mails and letters expressing support for him during the difficult time after his arrest from the community at UGA and around the country. Most expressed confidence that he would get past the difficulty a stronger person.

Many in the UGA community have also acknowledged the good job that Evans did for the athletic department and for the athletes and say it will be a difficult search process to find a new director. UGA President Michael Adams said that the search process could take six months to a year. In the meantime, Adams has appointed Frank Crumley as the interim-athletic director while a five-person search committee looks for a replacement.