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Georgia Law: License Suspension and Revocation, Part Two

| Aug 20, 2010 | License Suspension |

In the last post, we discussed the differences between license cancellation, license revocation and license suspension. In this post we will focus on how such action is justified by the state.

Georgia state law designates a point system for driving offenses, as well as a number of actions that result in mandatory license suspension or revocation.

Points are given for actions such as speeding (2 to 6 points), reckless driving (4 points) and passing a school bus while the stop sign is extended (6 points). If you exceed 15 points in 24 months, the Department of Driver Services will attempt to take your license away.

Important: Georgia allows points tallied in other states to count toward the total as well. So, if you only have 2 points in Georgia, but 14 points in West Virginia, you can still have your license taken away in Georgia.

Mandatory license suspension comes into play in situations involving drunk driving, fleeing from a police officer, or vehicular homicide. You also face mandatory suspension if you are convicted of possession or distribution of drugs, if you leave the scene of an accident, or take part in street racing.

Mandatory license revocation may come into play if the state finds you unfit to drive, if you refuse to be retested for driving ability after being ordered to, or if you are cited as a “habitual violator” of traffic law.

Habitual offenders are those who have been convicted of “three mandatory suspendable offenses within 5 years.” The revocation period for this offense is 5 years.

If you are facing habitual offender status, or even a simple license suspension, consider seeking legal assistance to determine whether or not the suspension can be reduced or dismissed.

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