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Georgia Law: License Suspension and Revocation, Part One

| Aug 19, 2010 | License Suspension |

The following is meant as an objective summary of the laws regulating license suspension and revocation in Georgia. No matter what state you are in, if you find yourself facing the possibility of losing your license, you should seek the assistance of an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible.

There are three different ways in which your license may be taken away in Georgia.

  1. License cancellation occurs when a prospective driver fails to provide the right information to the Georgia Department of Driver Services when applying for a new license or renewal. While this is the most common reason for cancellation, there are other ways to be deemed ineligible. As soon as you can fulfill the requirements given, you are allowed to reapply.
  2. License revocation is a complete termination of driving permissions. While revocation does not always last forever, you will be required to apply for a new license once the revocation period has expired.
  3. License suspension is one of the most common ways in which Georgian drivers lose their licenses. They are defined by a temporary suspension of driving rights, to be regained at the end of the suspension.

On the face, license suspension and license revocation seem pretty similar. However, they are different in a couple of very important ways.

First off, driving on a suspended license carries different penalties than driving on a revoked license. In short, driving on a revoked license is usually considered a much more serious offense.

This is because, when a license is revoked, it more or less ceases to exist. It cannot be renewed or restored. The hopeful driver’s only recourse is to apply for a completely new license.

On the other hand, a suspended license may be reinstated.

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