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Atlanta Journal-Constitution Obtains Evans Documents in DUI Case

| Jul 30, 2010 | DUI |

It has been a month now since former UGA athletic director Damon Evans was arrested in Atlanta and charged with DUI and soon after was forced to resign his position. Since then, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution obtained records on Evans from the University of Georgia, including records of his employment at UGA and e-mails he received from colleagues and the public after his drunk driving arrest.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution also obtained e-mails and texts exchanged between Evans and Courtney Fuhrmann, the 28-year old woman who was a passenger in Evans’ car on the night he was pulled over for DUI. There has been much speculation over what the married father-of-two was doing with a young woman in his car, not to mention with her panties in his lap, as recorded by the arresting officer.

The released e-mails show that the pair met about six weeks previous to the DUI arrest. The AJC reports that Evans’ calendar on the day of the arrest had him out of meetings at 3:30 in the afternoon. He was due in a meeting with the UGA football coach the next morning, but did not make it. His employee records do not show any issues with conduct and his boss says he never had a reason to question his judgment until the DUI arrest. The records also show that Evans was about to start a new $550,000 contract the day after his arrest.

The AJC also published excerpts from some of the hundreds of e-mails Evans received after his arrest from colleagues at UGA and around the country, UGA alumni, and others. While a few of the e-mails were sharply critical of Evans and his conduct, most were supportive of Evans in his time of trouble, offering encouragement that he could make it through this hard time and emerge a better person.


Evans documents include e-mail from Courtney Fuhrmann (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Phone records: Evans, Fuhrmann exchanged about 250 texts (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)