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Drunk Driving Isn’t The Only Charge Augusta Man Faces

| Jun 7, 2010 | License Suspension |

Augusta resident Jeffery Deon Hickson is facing multiple charges after forcing his 9-year-old daughter to consume beer, according to the Richmond County Sherriff’s Office. The girl’s blood alcohol level was 0.165 (more than twice the .08 legal limit in Georgia for a full-grown adult of legal age) when she was taken to the hospital.

Around 11:00 pm on the night of the incident, Hickson’s daughter had called her mother crying, begging to be picked up from Hickson’s home where she was spending the night, though the mother explained to Richmond County Police that no one was home when she arrived. At that point, she called the police. Hickson, 39, and daughter, both intoxicated, came home just as deputies arrived on scene. Once it became apparent both the father and daughter were drunk (Hickson registered a blood alcohol level of 0.23, nearly three times the legal limit), the child was taken to Medical College of Georgia Hospital. The Augusta man was subsequently arrested and charged with multiple violations, including DUI, marijuana possession, child cruelty, and child endangerment.

 The 9-year-old’s high blood alcohol level is allegedly due to Hickson threatening the girl with death if she refused to drink the beer. Fearing for her life, she drank so much alcohol, the hospital was forced to pump her stomach in order to avoid alcohol poisoning.

Hickson’s 5-year-old daughter from a different mother was also in the car, though appeared to be unhurt and sober.

The Augusta man, also driving on a suspended license, suspended registration, and without insurance at the time, is currently being held at the Richmond County Jail.

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution “Cops: Dad forced 9-year-old daughter to drink” June 3rd 2010