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Posts tagged "penalties"

Georgia widower in more legal trouble

A Georgia man was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence while traveling through Pickens County over Memorial Day Weekend. The arrest occurred when he was out on bond for another related but more serious charge of vehicular homicide in Cherokee County. He was charged after his wife died in a car accident immediately after their wedding reception in December 2013. The man was driving a Pontiac with his wife as a passenger when he lost control on Georgia Route 5. The vehicle flipped and ejected his wife, who was killed.

Teens detained after fatal Georgia car accident

Two teenagers have been held in connection with a car accident that killed a third teenager on May 31. According to authorities, an underage DUI charge has been filed against a 17-year-old boy who crashed while driving his Dodge Ram at approximately 1:18 a.m. on the morning of the incident. He also faces a charge of first degree homicide with a vehicle. An 18-year-old man has also been detained on charges of possession of marijuana and underage possession or consumption of alcohol. He also faces a charge of maintaining a disorderly house.

Georgia DUI charges vary

Extended holiday weekends in Georgia are often connected with an increase in DUI incidents. Whereas many states charge for driving while intoxicated, Georgia's DUI charges are based on impairment by drugs, alcohol or vapor. The state's per se DUI charges are used in cases involving a driver who has exceeded the legal blood alcohol content of .08. A charge of less safe DUI may be levied when a driver has not exceeded that limit but has been involved in less safe driving activity after consuming alcohol. Incidents of less safe DUI tend to increase during holiday weekends in connection with gatherings that include alcohol.

The difference between less safe DUI and per se DUI

Many Georgia residents do not know about the difference between a “less safe” DUI charge and a “per se” DUI charge, but this difference is an important one to take note of. Indeed, there are two different kinds of DUIs that an individual can be charged with and, in the state of Georgia, both of these DUI types could be the result of alcohol, other vapor or drug intoxicants. However, one law could result in a driver’s arrest, even if he or she has a blood alcohol level of under 0.08 percent.

Columbus mayor's administrative assistant accused of DUI

An administrative assistant for the mayor of Columbus has been arrested and accused of drunk driving. The drunk driving charge comes in the wake of a different employee of the mayor's office being placed on leave after she allegedly asked for the campaign sign of the mayor's political rival as a joke. In this most recent event, Georgia troopers stopped and arrested the administrative assistant for DUI at approximately 2 a.m. on a recent Saturday morning.

When asked for license, DUI suspect allegedly offers beer

DUI charges can stem from poor judgment, and they can also be the result of a Breathalyzer machine that was improperly calibrated. Every situation is different, but the one variable that is always the same is that a conviction of a DUI offense -- whether it's the first, second or third -- carries serious consequences. The penalties can range from a suspension or revocation of driving privileges, substance abuse treatment, substantial fines and/or time in jail. The future for one Georgia man is uncertain as he is facing his third DUI arrest.

Will a DUI cause points on a license and insurance rate hikes?

Most states have a point system with regard to traffic infractions and the state of Georgia is no different. A DUI conviction, however, is different. Points will not be assessed for DUI alone, yet points could be assessed if the individual is also convicted of other traffic offenses in connection with drunk driving -- such as speeding, failing to stop at a stop sign or reckless driving, for example. Nevertheless, even though a drunk driving conviction will not trigger points, it will trigger other criminal punishments and insurance rate hikes.

Georgia judge comments on DUI and the state's judicial system

Recently, one of the top judges in Georgia made some comments on the status of the state's judicial system and the access to liberty and justice for all. The judge praised the manner in which specialized DUI courts are helping citizens -- mainly because these courts give judges alternatives to jail time, which can be issued to those who qualify. The judge said that people who complete these alternative programs have a 93 percent chance of continuing their lives without further criminal charges.

Georgia deputy resigns after being arrested and accused of DUI

A sheriff's deputy employed by Rockdale County was recently arrested on drunk driving charges recently. Law enforcement officials allege that she caused a wreck while DUI, which resulted in the injury of two people. The 27-year-old Georgia deputy will face charges of failure to maintain her lane and driving under the influence in court.

Man faces DUI and other charges following accident in Georgia

Individuals who are accused of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be seen as guilty troublemakers by residents of the community. Still, this is not the viewpoint taken by the justice system in Georgia, where these individuals are innocent until proved guilty. One Georgia man is facing this scenario after being arrested and charged with a DUI and other violations.