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Posts tagged "penalties"

What are the penalties for DUI in Georgia?

Motorists may benefit from learning more about the potential consequences of being charged with a DUI offense in Georgia. People who are convicted of a DUI charge may be required to undergo a DUI Drug or Alcohol Risk Reduction Program and possibly a clinical evaluation as well. Drivers under age 21 who are convicted of exceed the .02 percent BAC limit may receive a 12-month delay in obtaining a graduated license.

What aggravating factors can affect DUI penalties in Georgia?

Penalties for driving while under the influence in the state of Georgia are strict already and could result in jail time or a driver's license suspension. However, some aggravating factors can add on to sentences faced by those convicted of DUI.

Georgia woman in wrong-way accident accused of underage DUI

A Cobb County woman was detained in connection with a July 19 accident that resulted in serious injuries to two individuals. According to her arrest warrant, the 18-year-old reportedly informed officials that she consumed alcohol at a party prior to the incident. The report says that she drove a 2002 Nissan Maxima in the wrong direction on Interstate 575 and hit a 2005 Ford Focus head-on. Officials at the scene noted an odor of alcohol on the woman.

Penalties for drunk driving in Georgia

Individuals in Georgia may be aware that the state has strict laws pertaining to driving under the influence, but they may not be aware of just what the penalties are for breaking those laws. The penalties can vary depending on whether the accused has had convictions in the past as well as other determining factors.

Police chase ends at Athens house

A 50-year-old Athens man was detained and received seven citations on July 11 after supposedly leading police on a chase while intoxicated. The incident began around 2:30 a.m. when police claimed that they clocked a vehicle traveling more than 20 mph above the speed limit of 40 mph zone on Ga Loop 10/Broad Street.

Georgia man detained after alleged drugged driving rampage

Authorities have detained a Georgia man in the wake of an alleged episode of enraged drugged driving during which the man drove across two counties and intentionally struck 10 vehicles. The reported crashes began on the evening of July 1 in Nicholson after the 53-year-old man's truck hit a light pole near the city's community center and then ran into a parked car in the parking lot. The man then drove into a cemetery and onto U.S. Highway 441, heading south towards Athens. After he gained the highway, he allegedly began intentionally rear-ending vehicles, including a tractor trailer and a passenger car, as he made his way towards Athens. He also reportedly side-swiped some cars as he drifted into their lanes.

Woman charged with DUI following fatal motorcycle crash

A sedan driver is facing multiple DUI-related charges following a fatal collision with a motorcycle on June 28 in Georgia. One person was killed in the wreck, and news sources say the allegedly intoxicated driver was taken into custody at the scene by Atlanta police. According to sources, preliminary charges in connection with the case include reckless driving, DUI, vehicular homicide and following too closely.

19-year-old man faces DUI following traffic stop

Georgia students who are concerned about the effect that a drunk driving charge could have on their academic and career prospects may be interested in a case involving a 19-year-old motorist who was taken into custody in Conyers in June. News reports indicate that the man is facing an underage DUI charge following a traffic stop on Honey Creek Road near a local high school.

DUI charges pending for Georgia mother

A 35-year-old woman was taken into custody on June 16 on charges of drunken driving while carrying children in the car she was driving, according to reports. The woman, from Rome, Georgia, faces one count of DUI, two counts of endangering a child by DUI and charges pertaining to probation and open container violations in the incident.

Georgia man has bond revoked for latest DUI charge

A 39-year-old Georgia man who is accused of killing a 74-year-old woman in a August 2011 car crash while he was under the influence of alcohol was cited for another DUI on June 15. In this latest incident, the man reportedly rear-ended a vehicle that had been stopped at a traffic light on Georgia Highway 278 in Covington.