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Posts tagged "underage consumption"

Athens driver charged with DUI after nearly hitting officer's car

Operating a vehicle safely on our Georgia roads takes a certain level of skill, but most importantly, drivers must always remain attentive when behind the wheel in order to avoid causing a minor or serious car crash. One mistake, like failing to notice a stop sign or forgetting to check one's blind spot, could result in an accident.

UGA student charged with underage DUI, failing to dim lights

The Red and Black reported last week that a University of Georgia student was charged with four different offenses after he was initially pulled over for failing to turn his bright lights off while driving. After conducting the traffic stop, police arrested the student for drunk driving, underage possession or consumption of alcohol, failing to have his license on his person while operating a vehicle, and failing to dim his headlights.

University of Georgia student goes to chapel and gets...arrested?

Last week, a University of Georgia student who went to the chapel will not be taking care of some new legal matters because of a marriage. The student was arrested at the University Chapel after campus police reported that the man was drunk and had fallen asleep outside of the building. The student now faces charges for alcohol-related offenses.

University of Georgia student arrested at bar for using fake ID

University of Georgia students who are not of legal age to drink alcohol understand that there will be some risk involved if they ever choose to go out to the bars with their friends who are 21 or older. Although getting caught drinking one beer at a bar may seem like a minor offense, the offense could carry far more serious consequences than what an underage student might have expected, especially if the student is caught using a fake ID.