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Posts tagged "suspended license"

Reasons for license suspensions in Georgia

Many different types of offenses, including DUI and DWI offenses, can result in a suspension of a person's driving privileges in Georgia. People whose licenses are suspended have their rights to drive withdrawn temporarily for a specific length of time. When the suspension period is up, the person can then reapply to have his or her driver's license reinstated after they have fulfilled any additional requirements.

How different offenses effect Georgia license points

Drivers in Georgia may face a license suspension after committing a serious violation or accruing 15 points on a license in a two-year period. Minor offenses do not apply to the system, and major offenses like driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol could result in a suspension after the first offense.

Man arrested for driver's license suspension and drug charges

On June 27, a Georgia man was arrested after being stopped by police for a routine safety checkpoint. When police decided the man was allegedly driving his car with a driver's license suspension, the man was arrested on the spot. Officers then searched the man's clothing to find a bag that they suspect contained methamphetamine. 

Georgia man arrested for DUI after crashing into police car

A 54-year-old Georgia man is facing DUI charges and other traffic violations charges after crashing into a Carroll County sheriff's deputy's vehicle. The sheriff's deputy was responding to a burglary call when the other man allegedly failed to yield at a stop sign and collided with the police car. The sheriff's deputy was wearing a seat belt and suffered minor injuries. He was taken to a nearby hospital, possibly with a broken leg. The 54-year-old and a passenger in his car also suffered injuries and both were taken to a hospital.

Flo Rida arrested for DUI, driving with suspended license

Hip hop star Flo Rida was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol last Friday. The rapper of the club hits, "Low" and "Right Round," was pulled over by police officers on early Friday morning around 4 a.m. when police say they saw him swerving his car. Police pulled him over and began to administer field sobriety tests, but Flo Rida told police that he could not do the tests because he had been drinking. Police arrested him. He was also arrested for driving with a suspended license.