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Posts tagged "students"

UGA student arrested for underage drinking after urinating in public

When nature calls and there is no restroom nearby, some Athens residents or college students might be desperate enough to do their business in a somewhat secluded location in public in order to avoid the embarrassment of not making it to the restroom in time. But when someone decides to urinate in public in front of others, an already awkward situation may become even more embarrassing for folks if it results in an arrest.

UGA athlete plans to transfer after alcohol-related charges

A freshman at the University of Georgia who was expected to play well during his first baseball season with the Bulldogs this spring is now trying to transfer to another school before the baseball season starts.

UGA student arrested for public drunkenness after swearing

Earlier this week on our Athens, Georgia, DUI defense law blog, we had mentioned that some college students and local residents are concerned about the number of underage drinking arrests local law enforcement officers are making each year. Although officers can issue a citation for underage drinking, hundreds of minors each year are being arrested instead in Clarke County for the offense. We also mentioned that an arrest results in far more serious consequences compared to a citation.

Athens police arrest driver, passenger for alcohol-related crimes

As we have mentioned before on our Athens, Georgia, DUI defense law blog, even hitching a ride home from someone else after a night of drinking is not always enough to avoid running into trouble with the law. This is especially true when one's "sober" driver has allegedly been drinking as well.

Passing out in public after drinking in Athens results in charges

College students and other Athens, Georgia, residents who are under the age of 21 understand that it is illegal for them to drink alcohol. However, they might not realize that they could face burdensome legal, academic and social consequences for underage drinking, even if their actions cause no harm or disruption to others.

UGA student seeking safe ride home charged with underage drinking

Earlier this week on our Athens, Georgia, DUI defense law blog, we had mentioned that a University of Georgia student was arrested and charged with DUI after she allegedly caused a minor traffic accident while intoxicated.

UGA student charged with DUI after minor car accident

Minor traffic accidents happen every day in Georgia. When no one is seriously injured in a crash, motorists are usually able to simply exchange insurance information and continue on with their days as planned.

UGA students accused of making, selling fake IDs on campus

It is one thing to be accused of having a fake ID in your wallet when police in Athens suspect a student of underage drinking. Although underage alcohol-related charges and charges of possessing a fake ID are serious legal matters, students typically will not experience major problems with university authorities for a first-offense or minor offense.

Underage driver arrested for DUI by Athens-Clarke County Police

When Athens-Clarke County Police conduct traffic stops, they are not only informing drivers that they have violated traffic laws or that their vehicles' lights might not be working properly, officers will also be looking for and documenting any type of suspicious activity or physical signs that a driver may be impaired.

Stumbling UGA student charged with underage possession of alcohol

College freshman and returning university students in Georgia might already be feeling the pressure of keeping their grades up. With competitive academic programs, internship programs and job markets, students need to show that they are educated and motivated young professionals if they want to take advantage of all of these opportunities.