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Posts tagged "drunk driving accidents"

UGA student charged with DUI after minor car accident

Minor traffic accidents happen every day in Georgia. When no one is seriously injured in a crash, motorists are usually able to simply exchange insurance information and continue on with their days as planned.

Study: Impaired drivers likely to die in serious crashes

As we have previously mentioned on our Athens, Georgia, DUI defense law blog, it is illegal and extremely dangerous to drive while one is intoxicated. Individuals who are younger than 21 and caught driving with even a little amount of alcohol in their system could be convicted of underage DUI. Drivers who are 21 or older could be convicted of DUI with a blood alcohol reading of 0.08 or higher.

Drinking and driving should not be part of your Labor Day plans

Georgia residents and students may be looking forward to the long weekend coming up. Plans might include a weekend getaway, a barbeque or the completion of a home project. Many folks will probably sit back and relax with a cold beer or glass of wine at some point. But if that is the case, folks need to make sure that they plan ahead for a safe ride home.

Georgia woman accused of fatal DUI crash seeks new trial

Simply put, driving drunk is dangerous. When one is intoxicated, his or her vision and judgment can be impaired and one's reaction time can be delayed, affecting a driver's ability to operate a vehicle safely. Oftentimes, accidents involving intoxicated drivers result in serious or fatal injuries because these drivers are not always able to react to hazards on the road as quickly as sober drivers are able to. In other cases, intoxicated drivers are responsible for making poor decisions that lead to motor vehicle accidents.

DUI arrest puts driver's NASCAR racing career on hold

Convictions of minor alcohol-related offenses committed by University of Georgia students could certainly come back to haunt them in the future if they are ever convicted of other criminal charges during their college years. But when a professional is charged with a criminal offense like drunk driving, his or her entire career could be put on the line.

Can a passenger in a vehicle be charged with drunk driving?

Not only is getting behind the wheel when one is under the influence of alcohol or drugs a violation of the law, it also puts the individual at a greater risk of getting into an accident. College students, professionals and Georgia residents understand that these are serious consequences of drunk driving.

Georgia woman gets unusual punishment during sentencing for DUI

Our Athens, Georgia, DUI law blog has mentioned a variety of legal, financial and social consequences individuals may face if convicted of driving under the influence. However, one Georgia woman who was convicted of drunk driving received an unusual punishment last week during her sentencing as part of a plea deal.

Halloween one of the deadliest nights for impaired drivers

Halloween is only a few days away and millions of children are eagerly anticipating dressing up in their costumes to go trick-or-treating. But Halloween is not just for kids. Many Georgia college students and adults are looking forward to attending costume parties and celebrating with friends. Consequently, this also means that more individuals may make the mistake to drink and drive this Halloween weekend.

Saturday's Good Samaritan accident in Smyrna results in DUI arrest

When a Good Samaritan stopped to help a wrecked motorist in Smyrna on Saturday, he didn't expect to have to throw himself off of a bridge to avoid a second wreck. The 36-year-old man from Mableton is a bona fide hero -- the kind of hero that makes a great story.