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Posts tagged "breath test"

A DUI charge doesn't always have to lead to a conviction

When you're facing DUI charges, it might seem like walking away without a sentence is next to impossible. However, DUI penalties can be harsh, and an aggressive defense strategy could save you from time in jail or losing your driver's license. At Daniels and Rothman, P.C., we try to win every case, even those that may seem likely to end in conviction.

Atlanta councilwoman refuses breath test, says she was not drunk

An Atlanta City councilwoman who was arrested last week for allegedly driving drunk has reported that she will not let the arrest affect her ability and desire "to work hard for the citizens." Cleta Winslow has held her council position since 1993. She told reporters after her arrest that she will not let the arrest get in her way of running for re-election.

Georgia boaters: Don't get busted for drunk boating this summer

Earlier this year on our Athens, Georgia, DUI defense law blog, we had mentioned that lawmakers were pushing to lower the legal alcohol limit for boaters in Georgia. Before hitting the waters this summer and relaxing on your boat with a cold beer in your hand, you should know that the legal limit has indeed been changed.

An Athens man walks into a police station, gets charged with DUI

When police in Athens suspect motorists of driving while under the influence of alcohol, police may conduct traffic stops and ask motorists to take field sobriety tests and breath tests in order to determine whether motorists should be arrested and charged with DUI.

Study: Alcohol mixed with diet soda may be dangerously potent

College students and other residents in Athens, Georgia, may know their limits when it comes to drinking alcohol. But folks who are considering switching to drinking alcohol with diet soda instead of regular soda in an effort to cut calories may want to pay close attention to a new study.

Georgia councilman faces 12-month license suspension after DUI arrest

According to reports, an Alpharetta City councilman was pulled over in Georgia on Feb. 23 for driving with a child who was not properly restrained in the vehicle. The traffic stop resulted in more than a citation for not properly restraining a child passenger, though.

'CSI: NY' actor plays it cool during DUI arrest

According to reports, an actor from "CSI: NY" was arrested last month for allegedly driving drunk. Athens residents usually hear of celebrity DUI arrests within a few hours or days of the incidents taking place since celebrity arrests are often highly publicized and involve some sort of outlandish behavior, but the "CSI: NY" actor's arrest, which occurred about two weeks ago, was fairly uneventful.

UGA student pulled over for speeding, arrested for drunk driving

In Georgia, an individual who is initially pulled over by police for failing to turn on his or her vehicle's lights or for speeding could quickly be suspected of drunk driving if police happen to see that a driver's eyes are bloodshot or when police happen to notice that a driver is having a little trouble finding his or her driver's license in one's wallet.

Athens man arrested for DUI while checking on flat tire

Our Athens, Georgia, DUI defense law blog often discusses some mistakes drivers make that may result in a DUI arrest. For example, driving late at night without one's headlights on could result in a traffic stop that could lead to a DUI arrest. But it is also important for folks to be reminded that in Georgia, someone can still be arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs even when the individual is not actually driving a vehicle on the road.

UGA student charged with DUI after minor car accident

Minor traffic accidents happen every day in Georgia. When no one is seriously injured in a crash, motorists are usually able to simply exchange insurance information and continue on with their days as planned.