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Posts tagged "University of Georgia"

Ex-Georgia linebacker pulled over for speeding, arrested for DUI

Being arrested for allegedly driving drunk in Athens may certainly be an unpleasant experience. Folks may feel a bit angry for being accused of driving drunk after making a simple mistake while driving, and they may also feel very confused and uncertain about what will happen next.

UGA student arrested for underage drinking after urinating in public

When nature calls and there is no restroom nearby, some Athens residents or college students might be desperate enough to do their business in a somewhat secluded location in public in order to avoid the embarrassment of not making it to the restroom in time. But when someone decides to urinate in public in front of others, an already awkward situation may become even more embarrassing for folks if it results in an arrest.

Athens police arrest driver, passenger for alcohol-related crimes

As we have mentioned before on our Athens, Georgia, DUI defense law blog, even hitching a ride home from someone else after a night of drinking is not always enough to avoid running into trouble with the law. This is especially true when one's "sober" driver has allegedly been drinking as well.

UGA students accused of making, selling fake IDs on campus

It is one thing to be accused of having a fake ID in your wallet when police in Athens suspect a student of underage drinking. Although underage alcohol-related charges and charges of possessing a fake ID are serious legal matters, students typically will not experience major problems with university authorities for a first-offense or minor offense.

UGA student charged with underage DUI, failing to dim lights

The Red and Black reported last week that a University of Georgia student was charged with four different offenses after he was initially pulled over for failing to turn his bright lights off while driving. After conducting the traffic stop, police arrested the student for drunk driving, underage possession or consumption of alcohol, failing to have his license on his person while operating a vehicle, and failing to dim his headlights.

Criminal charges dropped after UGA police conduct illegal search

Sometimes Athens residents may make poor choices that could lead to serious mistakes with social or legal consequences. However, citizens also have a certain level of privacy that must be protected, even if their actions are not lawful.

University of Georgia student goes to chapel and gets...arrested?

Last week, a University of Georgia student who went to the chapel will not be taking care of some new legal matters because of a marriage. The student was arrested at the University Chapel after campus police reported that the man was drunk and had fallen asleep outside of the building. The student now faces charges for alcohol-related offenses.

Underage UGA student arrested for public intoxication

If you have been reading our Athens, Georgia, DUI law blog for awhile now, you have probably come to the conclusion that DUI arrests are not as uncommon as they should be and numerous students and professionals have been charged with drinking and driving under a variety of circumstances in the state of Georgia.