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Posts tagged "Four Loko"

Cocktails Mixing Caffeine and Alcohol May Lead More Easily to DUIs

As discussed in the previous post, alcohol and caffeine can be a dangerous combination. According to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times, the stimulant of caffeine and the depressant of alcohol do not cancel each other out. Instead, caffeine can mask the feeling of drunkenness, making a person drink more and more quickly than they would otherwise drink.

Combination of Alcohol and Caffeine Too Deadly to Study on Humans

The previous post discussed a move by the maker of the alcoholic beverage Four Loko to remove caffeine from their products. The move came just as the FDA signaled they would begin cracking down on products containing alcohol and caffeine.

Four Loko Maker Says Will Remove Caffeine From Its Beverages

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, on Tuesday, the manufacturer of Four Loko said that they are pulling their caffeinated alcohol beverages from shelves. The company, Phusion Products, will remove caffeine and two other ingredients from the recipe of their products. The company pulled the products from shelves as several colleges and states have banned the drink and the FDA is considering a ban of alcohol products containing caffeine.