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February 2019 Archives

How accurate are breathalyzer results?

A DUI arrest can feel like the end of the world. You thought you were okay to get behind the wheel, and then suddenly, you were being pulled over by the police. You told the officer you just had two drinks, but when you took a breathalyzer test, your BAC came back over the legal limit.

How to avoid a DUI on St. Patrick's Day

It started out as a religious holiday in Ireland. However, to most Americans, St. Patrick's Day is a day to have fun, drink and celebrate their Irish roots -- real or imagined. Most St. Patrick's Day celebrations involve drinking -- everything from green beer to the more authentically Irish Guinness and various brands of Irish whiskey.

How to avoid a spring break DUI

Whether you're planning to spend spring break in Florida, skiing in Colorado or at one of Georgia's coastal resorts, you don't need a DUI to mar your good time. Fortunately, with Uber and Lyft available just about everywhere, there's no reason to get behind the wheel if you've been drinking.