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October 2013 Archives

Young man arrested, charged with DUI in fatal Georgia accident

DUI charges can interrupt the course of our lives, particularly if one is charged with drunk driving after being involved in a fatal accident. Recently, a 22-year-old man has been charged with DUI after he was in a car accident that killed a University of Georgia student. The young man also faces the charge of vehicular homicide and other violations.

Driver charged with DUI hits pharmacy, allegedly flees to bar

A Georgia man has been accused of drunk driving after crashing his vehicle into the glass front of a pharmacy. Georgia State Patrol officers arrested the man following the incident and charged him with DUI. Police allegedly found the driver in a next door bar drinking a beer.

Georgia man crashes SUV into yard, charged with DUI

A man who was injured in a rollover accident will face DUI charges. The 27-year-old Georgia man was allegedly traveling southbound at 12:50 a.m., on Sunday, Oct. 21, when he lost control of his SUV. It then entered a yard where it rolled over multiple times. Following the incident, police arrested the man and charged him with DUI.

Georgia woman charged with child endangerment and DUI

No Georgia resident ever expects to be arrested and accused of drunk driving. Nevertheless, DUI charges and arrests are made every single day in the state of Georgia. Those who have been accused will have the opportunity to defend themselves in court. With a successful defense, these individuals may be able to get their charges dropped and/or obtain a reduction in punishments received.

Underage DUI and other crimes reported at University of Georgia

A student of the University of Georgia was arrested on drunk driving charges on Sunday, Oct. 13. The University of Georgia student was taken into custody at approximately 3:30 a.m. She was stopped by officers after she allegedly failed to stop at a stop sign. Because she is only 20 years of age, she will be charged with underage DUI.

Georgia man faces underage DUI charge after hitting a Taco Bell

According to police, an allegedly intoxicated driver crashed into a Taco Bell restaurant three different times. Police claim that they needed to use a drawn weapon in order to persuade the 19-year-old driver to stop. Police allege that the Georgia man was drinking and because he is under the legal age limit to drink alcohol, he was arrested by and charged with underage DUI among other charges.

Half a dozen charged with DUI in Georgia

On Friday, Sept. 27, law enforcement officers patrolling Highway 82 arrested a total of six people on charges of DUI. Multiple law enforcement agencies participated in creating checkpoints in Sylvester and Poulan to look for people they could accuse of driving with suspended licenses, speeding, DUI and other motor vehicle violation. In total, police arrested 13 individuals, six of which they charged with Georgia DUI.

24-year-old Georgia man charged with DUI and vehicular homicide

DUI charges are serious because of the stiff punishments faced by those who are convicted of the allegations. That said, every Georgia DUI case is different and some are far more serious than others. For example, if an individual is arrested and charged with DUI after being involved in a fatal accident, vehicular homicide charges may also come into play and that could represent the threat of a lengthy jail sentence.