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July 2013 Archives

Minor in possession charges at University of Georgia

At the University of Georgia, there is the danger of a college student being accused of various crimes simply because he or she is in the wrong place at the wrong time. Police patrolling a university campus often confront issues involving a  minor in possession of alcohol, possession of marijuana, DUI and related issues among the student population. However, in some cases the student initially thought to have been breaking the law is innocent while an acquaintance who should have been charged escapes notice. In other cases, the charges are may be subject to dismissal on defense motion or after trial. Each criminal case is different, and each merit careful consideration and preparation after a thorough review of all the facts and circumstances that led to an arrest.

DUI defense strategies could help Georgia's accused

Most Georgians are exceedingly careful while driving on the road. They follow all of the traffic laws and they are diligent not to drink too much alcohol, so they can legally and safely drive home. However, police cannot always accurately assess a driver's blood-alcohol level and sometimes police issue a charge of DUI when it is inappropriate to do so. Incorrect charges can be especially serious for the accused in mounting a DUI defense after they have been involved in a fatal accident.

Georgia woman arrested for driver's license suspension and more

There are many different crimes that Georgia residents can be accused of, yet driving related crimes tend to be the most common. Some driving-related crimes can be simple misdemeanors such as speeding tickets or disobeying a traffic signal. Others, such as driving under the influence, are more serious and come with harsher punishments, including driver's license suspension. Georgia residents must adhere to such punishments. The consequences of continuing to drive after a driver's license suspension can lead to arrest and other more serious punishments.

Georgia man accused of DUI in accident that killed his daughter

DUI charges are accusations that could result in steep punishments. When accusations of vehicular homicide are also brought against a Georgia resident in connection to DUI charges, the possibility of jail time exists. Car accidents happen and when they result in death, law enforcement officials will put the blame on whoever they believe is at fault, sometimes bringing criminal charges against that person based on their interpretations of the facts. That said, just because law enforcement has seen the facts of an accident in a certain way do not mean that the courts will convict the accused.

College football player is charged with DUI in Georgia

A Wildcats football player, Ashely Lowery, was injured in a car accident last May and temporarily relegated to the bench. Although he is now well enough to work out with his fellow teammates, Georgia police where the accident occurred have recently charged the athlete with several traffic crimes, including DUI. It is not known whether or not this will be DUI first offense for the man or if he has prior DUIs on his record.

Georgia football player charged with DUI after boat outing

There is no doubt that most Georgia readers know how strict our state's laws are regarding driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Many may not know, however, that DUI is not limited to automobiles. In fact, an individual can be arrested for operating a boat, Jet Ski or other watercraft while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Georgia DUI charges, 6 charged in multi-car crash

Drunk driving charges can typically carry continual punishments for those who are convicted, in addition to potential jail time. DUI charges are not taken lightly and Georgia prosecutors pursue drunk driving allegations vigorously. In spite of the accusations that are made, however, not all of them are necessarily true or proved in court. Recently, six people were arrested on DUI charges and are likely now focused on preparing a defense against the charges.

Man arrested for driver's license suspension and drug charges

On June 27, a Georgia man was arrested after being stopped by police for a routine safety checkpoint. When police decided the man was allegedly driving his car with a driver's license suspension, the man was arrested on the spot. Officers then searched the man's clothing to find a bag that they suspect contained methamphetamine. 

Georgia DUI charges: forced blood samples taken from suspects

Certain Georgia counties are requiring drivers to submit to blood tests in lieu of a Breathalyzer test. An April U.S. Supreme Court decision has allowed police to get search warrants to take blood as evidence to be used later in the prosecution of DUI charges. According to the ruling, Georgia police officers can draw blood forcibly when they have this kind of warrant.