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May 2013 Archives

Georgia BUI laws amended to match DUI blood alcohol limits

In the summer of 2012, two tragic fatal boating accidents on Lake Lanier left Georgia stunned. They occurred less than three weeks apart and resulted in the death of three young boys. In the first incident, two brothers were killed by a drunk driver, and five more individuals were hurt. The tragedies have now spawned a new Georgia law to bring the permissible blood alcohol level while driving a boat in line with the state's DUI laws for those operating a motor vehicle on our roadways.

Athens man charged with DUI and damage to Georgia campus fence

An 18-year-old Athens man was taken into custody after apparently losing control of his car and knocking down a portion of a fence at the North Campus of the University of Georgia. Police are charging him with improper driving and DUI involving drugs. No one was hurt in the accident, which occurred on a weekday a little before 1 a.m.

Clarke County man has had prior run-ins with the law

Police in Clarke County say a man fabricated an armed robbery story in an ill conceived effort to avoid another drunk driving charge. The incident dates back to a Saturday in April. Apparently, the 21-year-old man has a prior DUI in Georgia. While it remains to be seen if prosecutors will seek drunk driving charges against him, he is facing a misdemeanor count of falsely reported a crime.According to Athens-Clarke police, the man wove a detailed story of a robbery. He claims to have driven with friends to a local fast food restaurant and when the friends left to chat with some girls, he was accosted by a man that entered his truck. Supposedly, the man grabbed an unloaded gun that had been wedged between the console and a front seat, loaded it and robbed the driver. However, authorities say they questioned the account immediately.

20-year Georgia councilwoman arrested on DUI charges in Atlanta

A Georgia politician from Atlanta recently ran afoul of the criminal justice system. Cleta Winslow has served on the City Council for about 20 years. Nevertheless, she was stopped by authorities on a local street on a Saturday night in May and formally charged with DUI.

Will Georgia consider NTSB's recommendation to lower legal limit?

If you have been reading our Athens, Georgia, DUI defense law blog for a while now, then you may be well aware that the legal blood alcohol limit for drivers in Georgia and throughout the U.S. is 0.08. This means that if you are pulled over by a police officer and suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol, you may be asked to take field sobriety tests and a breath test.

Atlanta councilwoman refuses breath test, says she was not drunk

An Atlanta City councilwoman who was arrested last week for allegedly driving drunk has reported that she will not let the arrest affect her ability and desire "to work hard for the citizens." Cleta Winslow has held her council position since 1993. She told reporters after her arrest that she will not let the arrest get in her way of running for re-election.

23 percent of teens drive under influence of alcohol, drugs

The legal age to consume alcohol in Georgia is 21. However, many folks in Athens and throughout the country understand that many teens and young adults have consumed alcohol on one or several occasions by the time they turn 21. And because parents can't always control what their teens do, many parents do try to make sure their teens understand the importance of drinking responsibly in order to avoid causing harm to themselves or others if they do partake in underage drinking.

UGA student arrested for open container violation

A University of Georgia student was arrested over the weekend for carrying an open beer bottle while walking in public. The student had told the officer that she thought it was perfectly legal for her to walk around with an open container since she was over the age of 21. The woman was informed by the officer that it is illegal to walk around on public streets carrying open containers of alcohol in Athens. She was then arrested for the offense as well as for public drunkenness.