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December 2012 Archives

Ignition interlock devices may be coming for all drunk drivers

Many folks understand that it is dangerous and illegal to drive drunk. Drunk driving could result in a DUI arrest after a traffic stop, and it could also lead to the loss of one's life when an intoxicated driver causes an accident. Because drunk driving is so dangerous, DUI charges often carry harsh penalties in Georgia and throughout the country.

Kennesaw latest city in Georgia to tackle underage drinking

The holidays are here, and as we mentioned earlier this month on our Athens DUI defense law blog, "Operation Zero Tolerance," is in effect in Georgia through New Year's Day. We hope that everyone traveling has a safe and happy holiday. And we also hope that those who do choose to drink will find a sober ride home.

DUI charges dropped against former Atlanta Falcons player

Earlier this year, former Atlanta Falcons player Jamal Anderson was arrested for allegedly driving drunk in Georgia. A drunk driving arrest often comes with serious consequences, especially when one is later convicted of the charge. However, Anderson will avoid some of the consequences that are often associated with DUI charges. According to reports, the former NFL star has had the DUI charge dismissed.

UGA athlete plans to transfer after alcohol-related charges

A freshman at the University of Georgia who was expected to play well during his first baseball season with the Bulldogs this spring is now trying to transfer to another school before the baseball season starts.

Georgia's annual 'Operation Zero Tolerance' begins this week

Earlier this week on our Athens, Georgia, DUI law blog, we mentioned that drunk driving charges can result in far-reaching consequences that could affect some people's jobs and careers. These consequences are very damaging, but drunk driving can result in more than the loss of a job. One's mistake to drive after drinking could result in the loss of a life.