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November 2012 Archives

Woman arrested for DUI says she was given date rape drug

A woman who was charged with DUI in 2010 is still fighting the criminal charge in court. She claims that she did drink a small amount of alcohol before driving, but the amount she had consumed was not nearly enough to cause her to become impaired or to break the law.

Athens driver charged with DUI after nearly hitting officer's car

Operating a vehicle safely on our Georgia roads takes a certain level of skill, but most importantly, drivers must always remain attentive when behind the wheel in order to avoid causing a minor or serious car crash. One mistake, like failing to notice a stop sign or forgetting to check one's blind spot, could result in an accident.

Georgia linebacker hit with DUI charge

It's well known that enforcement of underage drinking in the Athens area is especially strict. As we reported in a previous post, arrests of minors for charges of alcohol consumption is higher in Clarke County than other portions of Georgia with similar size and populations. These stringent measures extend to drunk driving as well, making it exceedingly difficult for underage residents to get away with drinking and then getting behind the wheel.

UGA student pulled over for speeding, arrested for drunk driving

In Georgia, an individual who is initially pulled over by police for failing to turn on his or her vehicle's lights or for speeding could quickly be suspected of drunk driving if police happen to see that a driver's eyes are bloodshot or when police happen to notice that a driver is having a little trouble finding his or her driver's license in one's wallet.

Local evening news anchor arrested in Georgia after car crash

Police in Georgia reported that over the weekend a Fox 5 Atlanta news anchor was involved in a car accident. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in the accident. This is especially good news for the evening news co-anchor since she was arrested after the crash. Police said that the anchor might have been driving drunk when the crash occurred.

UGA student arrested for public drunkenness after swearing

Earlier this week on our Athens, Georgia, DUI defense law blog, we had mentioned that some college students and local residents are concerned about the number of underage drinking arrests local law enforcement officers are making each year. Although officers can issue a citation for underage drinking, hundreds of minors each year are being arrested instead in Clarke County for the offense. We also mentioned that an arrest results in far more serious consequences compared to a citation.

Hundreds arrested in Clarke County for underage drinking every year

College students in Georgia and throughout the entire country may think there is no harm in letting loose on the weekends by drinking a couple of beers or taking a couple of shots of liquor, even when they are under the age of 21. However, underage students can actually face some very harsh consequences for drinking alcohol if they are caught by law enforcement authorities.

Bobby Brown considers rehab after second DUI arrest

When someone is accused of DUI in Athens, the individual may certainly be worried about facing serious legal penalties for his or her mistake, such as losing one's driving privileges and having a criminal conviction on one's record. But folks are often equally worried about the shame and embarrassment that also comes with a DUI arrest.