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June 2012 Archives

Boating under the influence of alcohol is illegal in Georgia

When boaters spend a hot summer day on the water, a cold beer might go down a little too easily and quickly, especially when boaters are feeling a little dehydrated from being in the sun all day. For this reason, it is a good idea to designate a sober person who can operate a boat safely and legally.

UGA student charged with underage DUI, failing to dim lights

The Red and Black reported last week that a University of Georgia student was charged with four different offenses after he was initially pulled over for failing to turn his bright lights off while driving. After conducting the traffic stop, police arrested the student for drunk driving, underage possession or consumption of alcohol, failing to have his license on his person while operating a vehicle, and failing to dim his headlights.

Driver claims iPhone app showed that she was not intoxicated

Smartphones can help Georgia residents make quick decisions while on the go. Need to check the weather forecast before deciding what to wear for the day? There's an app for that. Trying to figure out which restaurant to eat at while in a new neighborhood? There's an app for that too. Want to know if you will run into traffic on your way to work? Well, you get the point.

Amanda Bynes pleads not guilty to DUI charge, says she doesn't drink

Back in April we mentioned on our Athens, Georgia, DUI defense law blog that former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes had been arrested after crashing into a police cruiser. The 26-year-old actress had been suspected of driving drunk, but her father claimed that a Breathalyzer test revealed that his daughter was not drunk at the time of the accident.

Gwinnett County police: Rapper arrested for DUI had kids in car

In Georgia, any type of DUI conviction often carries harsh penalties. However, repeat DUI offenders and those who have been convicted of felony drunk driving charges may face far more serious consequences that could have a significant impact on their lives for several years to come.

Mother charged with DUI after forgetting her baby on roof of car

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is certainly illegal in Georgia and throughout the entire country, but it is also very dangerous. Whether individuals who are drunk or high get behind the wheel of a vehicle or not, they could still make mistakes they would normally never make while sober.